Liberate yourself from unfair settlement offers

Liberator II goes beyond the demand of medical-legal professional responsibility and accountability, it’s also about FREEDOM from the suppression of unfair, unrealistic, low settlement values assigned to injured parties by the insurance companies.

Court cases and Regulatory fines into the millions have revealed the insurance companies use “Unfair Claims Practices” and software “Tuning Bias” to ‘de-value’ and ‘cut’ claim settlements.

The insurance companies’ software’s determine settlement values based on an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ system whereby CODES, referred to as “VALUE DRIVERS” represent a dollar amount.

If the attorney or physician do not incorporate these CODES in their respective documentation S.O.A.P. notes and demand letter, in the correct terminology and format, the ‘windows’ of the software do not open and compensation for these codes associated with the injuries and code factors is lost.

This process is so detailed & complex that the public must rely upon those doctors and attorneys that are educated in this environment. To do otherwise would give back large portions of the settlement to the insurance industry & leave large amounts of dollars that were already determined to be paid in the settlement.

Liberator II is the software equalizer to mitigate the insurance companie’s software by prompting both the doctor and the attorney to include all applicable’ Value Drivers’ in the documentation and demand letter to offset unfair, low values.

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